Silent Print Support / Add to print queue


I’m analyzing convert our app made in Delphi to Electron. The main functionality we need is to be able to detect the operating system printers and to send print task to any of them, using the operating system print task queue, silently. We use ticket printer (for POS systems) and we need to print bold, change text size, cut paper, open cash drawer and other functionalities.
Do you think it’s possible to make this kind of app using Electron? Or we have to wait some months/years before this printing functionality get mature? Our system is “Mission Critical” so we need this functionality be production ready.

Thank you,

Rene Marty


Electron can be largely whatever Javascript and Node.js can provide on top of a layer of Chrome.

I’m sure there are exceptions and qualifications, but that’s the rule of thumb.
A quick Google search brings up this Node module:


Thanks Patrick, I discovered that module but I would like to hear about a real experience using this node-printer library wiith Electron and how well works. Printing is one of the critical task of our POS system, so for us the risk is too high to change if the node technology is not mature.
If someone in this forum have tested and working with node-print module and can share his experiece could be great!!!


Will this be for OSX and windows, or OSX only?

I haven’t made the switch to Electron yet, but I’ve built our companies OSX desktop app using NodeWebkit last year and has it has printing functionality in it.


You can Add a single Line in the Js file


I have an issue when using contents.print({silent: true})
the system doesn’t do anything, it works well with silent setting to false.
ps: I am using ubuntu


Is there any way to print HTML using node-printer…any example would be greate help


Currently I used node-thermal-printer to print image to temporary file (putting filename for interface), then print out the temporary file using node-print, but image loos ugly, not scaled properly. I wonder how google achieved scaling html when we use ‘window.print’ , it scaled properly, for now for silent printing, I had to convert html to image then print it out, Still googling for alternative route.


You can sharp module to resize and even convert to png, I tested it these days, working fine.
node-sharp to resize image then use node-thermal-printer to print png image to temporary file (set interface param to temporary file path), then use node-printer to read the file and print it out.