Silent install all users enterprise installer

I would like to install this for staff using Windows who are prevented form installing software. Is it possible to use this installer silently and for it to install into the programfiles folder for allusers?

No, this is not a capability of the current installer infrastructure. There is this Issue tracking the desire for an MSI installer though:

You may want to subscribe to that Issue.

What do you create the current installer with? NSIS or something like that?

The current installer uses Squirrel.

I’ve read up on the Squirrel installer and they now support --machine as an option for installing to all users. Is this option available for your installer? I’ve tested it but can’t find the installed files.

Check out this comment on the Issue I linked:

That is true too but until you change your installer application to something other than Squirrel (Wix?) then it would be useful to have the --machine option now.
Including --machine into your current output is a quick interim fix.