Silent Accelerators


Hello Atom team.
I am trying to make a simple app with Electron that uses the ACE editor. and I faced 2 problems.

First Problem:

Fonts are blurry, I searched about this and even tried solutions in other posts like -webkit-font-smoothing and -webkit-text-stroke and none of them seem to work.

Second Problem:

ACE editor does a great job by itself, it can handle many user interactions such as paste and copy, etc… I am trying to implement an Edit submenu when the user can click on an menu item such as Comment Line. The accelerator I chose of this is the same on used by ACE ( CmdOrCtrl+/ if you are interested ). When the item is click I can send a message to the renderer process to tell it: Hey, you can comment the current line which is perfect, but the problem is that when I click on Ctrl+/ (Windows platform) the action seems to be trigerred twice, the first because the message that get sent to the renderer process and the other because ACE knows what to do when someone clicks on Ctrl+/. I don’t really need the accelerator, and the right solution is obvious: don’t use them. but I still need the Ctrl+/ decoration on the right in the MenuItem. So it there’s anyone the make the accelerator silent ? or just show Ctrl+/ on the right without causing a mess ?

Sorry for spelling errors, and thank you very much for your assistance.