Showing folding lines (One Dark)



I wanted to know if it was possible to show the lines which run from beginning of a code block to its end like on notepad++

The only topic I found who talk about it is this one.
Maybe i use the wrong search theme, but i can’t find a solution or a theme that could show this.

I also found this post where a screenshot show what I want, but the theme dark flat and outlander don’t show anything more.

So I think it’s not about theme but style.less

If someone can save me, because I can’t read code properly w/o this functionnality.

Thanks for reading :smiley:


Hi @Pluscom,

it is possible - just open the Core Settings and scroll down until you see “Show Indent Guide” --> Click to activate it

See an example below:


Love you @daftpanda <3


you’re welcome mate :smile: