Show us your atom setup



  • Seti UI
  • Atom Monokai Dark


  • Envy Code R

Generally with three panes running fullscreen.


Lanai UI
Oddfellows Dark Syntax


@Nijikokun What’s the setting/package you’re using for the right-side file preview?





Unity Dark UI, Custom syntax theme based on Tomorrow Night, Score Code Pro.


Also @Nijikokun, what’s that file type colorization? That looks pretty nifty.



Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m using minimap plugin, and Seti UI applies the coloring / icons of file-types.


  • Unity
  • Solarized Dark
  • Source Code Pro 11pt

Plus a couple of tweaks in my stylesheet that make the fonts look much nicer (on OS X at least):

body {
  -webkit-font-smoothing: grayscale;
  text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;
  -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
  -webkit-text-stroke: 0.4px;

.tree-view {
  -webkit-text-stroke: 0.6px;

These tweaks make the text look a little bolder and less “brittle”. I have a Retina MBP at 2048x1280 (non HiDPI) so YMMV.


Here’s mine:

(click on the image to access a config gist)

@Nijikokun: Did the tree icons come from a plugin ? Did you know that it was possible to styles tree/tabs/finder items with a single css ruleset that adds them icons?

File Type Icons package

Nothing to special about my setup:
**Theme UI - ** Spacegray Dark
**Syntax Theme - ** Base16 Atelierlakeside Dark (modified slightly)
**Font - ** Inconsolata-dz for Powerline


They come from the Theme Seti, and no I didn’t know that, would be great if you shared it :smile:


Nothing too special:


They are available at the end of the styles.less file in the gist I linked in my post ;).


On my Windows work machine (see screenshot)

  • Source Code Pro (size 12)
  • Seti Ui (with modified stylesheet)
  • Monokai syntax

On my macbook

  • Source Code Pro light (size 11)
  • Seti Ui (unmodified, looking for a way to sync stylesheets)
  • Atom Dark syntax


UI Theme: Flat Simple Dark
Syntax Theme: Custom theme I made based on Farzher Neon from Sublime 3, but using text-shadow css instead of background for the glow effect.
Font: Hermit, 15 pt on acer c720 chromebook, 13pt on desktop machine
System Font: (eg, the menu items) Oloron Tryout

If anyone cares for the syntax theme I’ll package it up and post it. Probably not for everyone but I find it quite pleasing. NB: the opacity, saturation, contrast and blur radius are implemented as variables that can be tweaked independently if you want a more subtle or pronounced effect.

Also made some style.css tweaks to hide the wrap guide and fix the mouse cursor on scroll bars (by default it remains as i-beam ?! or has this been fixed now?)

// Remove page wrap guide
.editor .underlayer .wrap-guide {
  width: 0px;
  visibility: hidden;

// Fix scrollbar cursors
.vertical-scrollbar {
  cursor: default;
.editor {
  cursor: default;
.overlayer, .lines {
  cursor: text;

update: And now with the colourised file icons, thanks @abe :slight_smile: this weekend I might try to apply the same colour scheme (and maybe effect if it works) from the syntax theme to the file icons


If you’re using the seti-ui theme I’ve made some enhancements to the icons:


I would love to try out that syntax theme, if you’d be so kind as to publish it :smile:


Sure thing, when I get home tonight I’ll read up on what all is involved with making a package and publishing it.

Also managed to apply the same effect to the file icons, it looks great. I need to tweak the colours on them a bit though


There is a theme called ninja which does a similar effect but only for hover / line numbers :slight_smile: