Show text cursor while selecting text


Hi all, I’ve been using atom a bit more and have noticed when I am selecting multiple lines (Shift-Cmd-L), the cursor disappears for selected text. This causes a little bit of graphical ambiguity as to what is being selected. I understand that if the selection highlighting extends to the right edge of the editor, that indicates that the selection has “wrapped around” and selecting multiple lines only go to the end of the line, but it might be nice having additional (blinking) cursors at the end of every selection simply to signify “there is another selection here” to remove some of that ambiguity.

This is how it looks in Sublime Text:

Example (in Sublime Text)

This is how it currently* look in Atom:

Example (in Atom)

(*unfortunately Atom does not allow consecutive selections, but this is simulated by just selecting all the text)


Before we get Atom officially to show cursor while selecting, we can do a simple trick:

Cursor = require 'src/cursor'
Cursor.prototype.isVisible = -> true

Have fun experimenting with visible cursors while selecting. :sunglasses:


thank you very much, works like a charm.


This no longer works…