Show tabs opened but not in view


Is there a way to view the tabs that are opened but not in the view? Say I have 15 tabs open but only can see 10. Is there a way to view those other 5 tabs? THe use case is that I want to move some of those tabs to another pane but I can’t grab a hold of them to move them because they are hidden.

Thank you for any help you can give.


The multirow-tabs package is what you want.


Is there not an option like the one that Sublime and Webstorm have with a dropdown showing the hidden tabs?


Not that I’ve seen. Could be a good package or pull request to the main repo.


I will go with this package for now and see if anything is packaged in the future. thank you


You can also use the fuzzy-finder package’s buffer finder feature, Cmd+B on macOS or Ctrl+B on other platforms. This will allow you to fuzzy find through only the files that are open.