Show parameters with autocomplete-ctags for C code


I’m using the autocomplete-ctags with atom-1.2.2 on linux,when autocompleting a function, is there a way to have it show the parameters (and return type) of .e.g. function ?

As shown here, just the function names are shown - sublime is able to show the full signature using the same tags file.


To my understanding, ctags doesn’t collect that information … only the symbol name. In this case, the function name.


That’s not quite correct, it does collect the full signature as well, here’s one of the entries in the tags file

uc_mbuf_len include/ucore/mbuf.h /^static UC_INLINE uint32_t uc_mbuf_len(struct MBuf *mbuf)$/;" f

(And as mentioned sublime does show the signature, as does vim omnicomplete from the very same tags file I use in atom)


Sounds like a feature request for the autocomplete-ctags package :grinning: