Show invisibles only in selected text


There is a discussion here about this:

But the solutions suggested are just hacks (edit your stylesheet so the invisibles are the same colour as the background, so you can see them when the ‘selected’ colour is inserted between - but what if you want to make the invisibles another colour?)

I think this should be in the core settings. It’s a really nice feature that I miss from ST3. In the core settings tab, you could replace the current “Show Invisibles” checkbox with two new checkboxes:

[ ] Show Invisibles in unselected text
[ ] Show Invisibles in selected text

Atom is so powerful that it blows my mind

I feel this may get a bit too granular for a one-page Settings View that is already starting to get a little crowded.
Although, I could imagine a drop-down list with multiple options, instead of several check boxes may serve wonders here?


Finally, a discussion on invisibles that hasn’t been marked as a duplicate of the post you linked to that describes a bad hack to get it working. This feature needs to be implemented. I don’t know about everyone else, but I only need to see invisible characters every once in a while, like when copying something that has tabs into something that is indented with spaces. At that point I’d like to be able to just hilight the piece I put it and quickly see that the indentation is wrong. I don’t want to have to see all the invisible characters all the time.


Shameless plug: I have a tiny button that I click on to toggle invisibles, using my command-toolbar package.


If anyone is interested, you can create a button with “Toggle invisibles” command using this toolbar.


Or show invisibles in selected text by default and
in unselected text if checked.


This issue has been open for almost 4 years: