Show in File Manager is Opening Browser


When I right-click a file in Atom’s tree view and select “Show In File Manager,” the directory is being opened in Chrome. How do I set this to be the default file manager?

On a related note, this has worked as expected for years. I recently installed Ubuntu 17.10 and not it’s not working.


I installed VS Code as a backup editor and now when I right click on a file and select “Show in File Manager,” It is opening VS Code instead of a browser.


Did a little testing and found that the issues mentioned above (and some others) are only present in the Software Center version.

I removed the Software Center version, added the WebUp8 Team’s PPA, and everything worked in that version as you’d expect.

No idea what the difference is, but if someone wants to explain, I’d be happy to learn.


I can’t give you a particularly helpful answer, but they’re all unofficial distributions (the Atom team has not been interested in maintaining Linux software distribution channels, but some members of the community are), so minor differences in how they turn out based on whose hands they pass through is a plausible explanation.