Show distinct Spaces vs. Tabs on highlight, like Sublime Text


I’m not totally sure if I’m using the correct terminology for this, but when you highlight a bunch of text in Sublime Text, it shows dots for spaces, horizontal lines for tabs, and it also has those vertical alignment lines for each tab by default. I’ve always found these really helpful, especially when dealing with other people’s code – would be awesome if this could get added (unless it’s already a package?). Anyway – I’d say in general so far the one thing I miss the most from Sublime Text coming over to Atom is this better tab and space management (the indicator on the bottom right is also much superior to going into settings Atom has no way of showing the setting for the current file).


There’s discussion around how to make it work here:


Just go to Edit -> Preferences -> Editor and mark Show Invisibles


It will just show invisibles always, not on highlighting.


is there a way to do with by running a command? How do u run commands again?


It’s window:toggle-invisibles.

How do u run commands again?

Using the Command Palette.