Show Current Spotify Track In Status Bar


Hey guys,

I’ve been blown away by the number of packages that have already been published only a few days after the project went public.

Like most developers, I often like to crank the music while writing code. My music service of choice (at the moment at least) is Spotify.

I like to listen to random playlists or Spotify app services like Soundrop in an effort to expose myself to lots of new music.

I just published a simple little package to display the current Spotify track’s info in your status bar:

You can install the package in your Settings or with the usual apm command:

apm install atom-spotify

The package lives right here, and the source code is over here.

Pull requests are welcomed and encouraged :smile:

Happy listening! (and coding) ♫



I’d love to see this work for iTunes, too. :slight_smile: