Show AutoComplete suggestions while typing w/o ctrl + space


Option to show the autocomplete suggestions while typing and not by having to hit ctrl + space


I would like to see the same thing.


This is the one thing for now that is preventing me from using Atom since I am so used to the popup in ST2. Don’t most people use this type of feature?


I certainly do. I am used to ST2 way, and I am using a plugin to include words from all open buffers.


This would be amazing… I am trying to figure out how to do this but it is harder then one might assume…


Yeah, this is one of the hardest things to adapt to. Hopefully someone can find a way to remedy this.


I also second this - would be nice to have the auto-complete/code-intel features just work, as they do in almost every other editor, without needing to hit a key combination each and every time.


I created a separate package for that - you can get and discuss it here:


This works great! It’s just what Atom needed. Thank you!