Show Atom: Fantasy UI (Clean, Flat, Dark UI, Even Settings!)


I’ve released a new ui theme for Atom that uses a new clean tab, sublime inspired sidebar folders title, and a few more little hidden gems, check it out for yourself:

I’ve updated the readme, and added more pictures. Hope you enjoy :smile:


I can see your package when I use your link, but it doesn’t show up in a search for packages. Does it work for you?


Searching for fantasy in themes currently works for me, however unclear whether it should show in packages.


That works now, but still doesn’t.


Perhaps @leedohm can give some insight into this? It appears it shows up on the newest themes, I am personally unclear whether UIs show up in packages.


Released v1.3.1

  • Sidebar updates, both for settings panel and main editor, no more bulky out of place scrollbars.


Searching for themes has to be done on the page, if I recall correctly. @mark_hahn is searching for it using the page, which he is correct, does not find it. The same can be said for searching for packages vs. themes inside the Atom Settings View.



I always see languages in the packages list so I assumed themes would be also.


Good job man! Really nice and clean design :smile:


Thank you, it will only get better :smile:


Very nice! I like it better than Seti.

I do have one gripe: the scrollbars are too thin. I can’t grab them for quick scrolling :frowning:


I’ll try and find a good medium for the size of the scrollbar :wink:


I can’t use a scroll wheel because of arthritis, Many new designs assume a scroll wheel. Google even hides the scroll bars until your are hovering over them, even in the middle of a page. Also everyone is removing the little arrows at the end of scrollbars. All of this trend is a problem.


Release 2.0 - Phoenix

Reborn is Fantasy UI, with a complete overhaul. In this release I attempted to create a balance for both dimmed screens and screens at full brightness, the old ui was hard to see text, and settings had many contrast issues. These have been looked at, explored, and fixed.

Scrollbars have received some love as well, now at 5px wide and 6px high, grabbing and scrolling is easier than ever.