Shout out for package git-control


I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned here but there is a new package called git-control. It has replaced 90% of my need for the git command line. It is simple and intuitive. Check it out.

p.s. I am not affiliated, just a fan.


Chic. It can’t yet be driven by the keyboard, it seems.


adding new files doesn’t seem to work, but what it already does is pretty awesome!


Looks really , really good.


I’ve been using the package git-plus, which claims to be done development. How does git-control compare?


I tried git-plus a long time ago and if I remember correctly it was confusing to me. Git-control looks a lot like SourceTree which is what I normally use.


My take on this:

When you open git-control, you get a nice little page that tells you about the current status and you can stage files and commit them, or perform diffs, and there are various buttons for doing stuff.

Git-plus is totally different. One easy way to use it is to invoke the menu (cmd-shift-H I think). Then you can being typing a command, e.g. “add”. Then you get another menu (of the files you can add). After you’re done adding, you can invoke the menu again and select commit.

There are shortcuts for common things, e.g. “add current file and then commit”.

If you already know what you want to do, I think git-plus is cool stuff. It allows you to do what you wanted with little fuss. But git-control gives you a nice UI that allows you to figure out what you want to do.


Excellent breakdown. Thanks!