Shout-out for git-projects


I have gotten hooked on a simple package called git-projects. It pops up a fuzzy finder for all folders that contain a .git folder. This makes finding a working project easy. I now use it for almost all opens.

I am not connected other than a PR. Just thought I’d spread the word.

Edit: I’d like for others to do these shout-outs. It gives little packages a chance to be noticed. It is hard to find packages and having any recommendation helps even if some don’t like it. They can be considered a poor-man’s blog. I think there should even be a discuss category for this. Self-promotion would not be allowed.

Edit2: AArrgghh. I accidentally put in a link to one of my projects. I didn’t do it on purpose, honestly. I’m surprised no one commented.

Shout-out for Autocomplete Atom API

true that, i really dig your live-archive package, i made a much more simpleminded tool called localdiff for pretty much the same purpose, kudos to you for building a sweet package that does it much better. (for those that aren’t aware, basically local revision history for each file by save / update. which is MEGA helpful working on large projects like chromium or even atom-shell, game engines etc.)

if there’s one thing i like about atom, it keeps the innovation flowing.