Shout-out for Autocomplete Atom API


As per @mark_hahn’s suggestion to make shout-outs for useful packages I thought I’d make one for Autocomplete Atom API:, released only a few days ago.

It’s a plugin for Autocomplete Plus and, as the name suggests, provides auto completions for Atom’s API (properties and methods from the atom global). I often opened the Dev Tools and typed in there to see how something was called / renamed or to see what was available, so this is a welcome addition for package developers.


Thanks for bringing this up. I wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise. It’s also nice to see the core team providing addons for a community package :smiley:.


@abe you’ll notce a number of autocomplete-plus providers in the core team’s org now.

autocomplete-plus will be either upstreamed to autocomplete or transferred from the atom-community organization to the atom organization in the near term. I.e. This will become core functionality, once the core team is satisfied with the functionality it contains (@benogle has been making some fantastic enhancements to the package recently).


Oh! That’s great! Congrats! :fireworks:

I must admit I couldn’t follow all the great stuff that was going on here and there as I was myself quite busy with my own packages.