Shouldn't there be an "Edit" option for the Flight Manual (in HTML format)?


I would like to suggest an edit for this section of the flight manual, namely that there be a mention of the fact that Atom installed from Debian / RPM binaries provided by the Atom project do not automatically search for, and install available updates. Now I think if I search through Atom’s GitHub repos (by going to I will find a project I can fork, in order to suggest edits to the flight manual, but I was wondering if anyone else thinks that adding an “Edit” option to each section of the flight manual might be a worthwhile method of speeding up and easing this edit-suggestion process.

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You can suggest something like that by filing an Issue on the repository at

Thanks, shall do. Would it be acceptable for me to just copy-paste my original question from here to a new issue at that repo?

Personally, I would change the wording a bit from a question to a statement or suggestion. Also, if you want both things that you mention in your original post fixed, I would file two separate Issues, one for each. Fixing the one item about the suggested edit would be much easier to fix than adding the edit button system. You wouldn’t want the former to get held up by the latter.

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