Shouldn't Atom be able to better distinguish what package gives an error?


When there’s an error in a package’s coffeescript, it errors in atom like this:

At the bottom it says that it’s likely a bug in atom, but it can tell that the code that triggered the error wasn’t in atom because it has access to the file that triggered it, in the stack trace. (C:\Users\Aari\github\language-khp is my package in progress)

Shouldn’t Atom be able to tell that the exception was caused by my package and not give a link to reporting it in atom? =P


Determining where a bug really comes from is what is known as a “hard problem” :wink:

Atom has some heuristics that make the determination of what went wrong to a first approximation (see this issue on my tabs-to-spaces package for example). You can find the code for it here:

But it can always be improved. Feel free to help out! :grinning: