Should the "one" themes have packages (folders) in /packages?


I first installed the One Light and One Dark before they were part of Atom. There are folders for them in my Packages folder.

I accidentally deleted One Dark Syntax and went to re-install via APM. It installed, but a message from APM told me:

The one-dark-syntax package is bundled with Atom and should not be explicitly installed.
You can run `apm uninstall one-dark-syntax` to uninstall it and then the version bundled with Atom will be used.

So I uninstalled with APM, the folder is gone, and “One Dark Syntax” is still in my “themes” menu. Nice! So I assume the code for this does not need to be in a directory in /packages?

Should I delete the /one-dark-ui and /one-light-ui directories in/packages?


They are part of core, so they will be installed to /usr/share/atom/resources/app/node_modules/one-[dark/light]-ui or the windows / osx equivalent


Gotcha. So they should be deleted from .atom/packages/?


Yes, they should be.