Should the Command Palette always be visible?


I came here from Google because of the same error. I never knew there was this command line inside atom (and I use ctrl shift+h for git stuff). Shouldn’t this command line be present in the interface all the time? Maybe a box that expanded when clicked? If I needed a cryptic interface with maximum keyboard efficiency I would be using Vim or Emacs. Maybe a keyboard shortcut like hold ctrl shift for three seconds shows all available shortcuts like Ubuntu has for holding Super.

Atom-beautify: You have unsupported options

One of the reasons I switched to modern editors like Atom (or Sublime Text) is the distraction free interface. If I wanted an interface cluttered with every single feature available, I would be using Notepad++ to this day (well, maybe I would). If the command palette targets power-users (aren’t all coders power-users?), then that’s a good reason to keep it invisible.

However, you could always create your own menu entries or keyboard shortcut to trigger “Atom-Beautify: Migrate Settings”. You could even go as far and publish that as a package. It’s easy!

To my understanding the migrate command is something one typically runs once, so maybe the author didn’t think such a little used feature would require a keyboard shortcut or menu entry. Don’t let me keep you from convincing the author otherwise.


I think you missed my point entirely. I wasn’t talking about the specific migrate whatever. I was talking about the main command line, I use some packages that have their’s command line, and I know then because they are properly documented in the package settings. Shouldn’t be somewhere at least a reminder of the shortcut of the main command line since it’s auto hidden most of the time and not listed on the menu - a simple menu entry named command line, shell or something, with keyboard shortcut reminder at right would help people knowing it exists. I agree on clutter free, but if the keyboard shortcut isn’t explicit said somewhere, I am better on Emacs - where they are.


No, actually I didn’t miss your point. Anyway, if you want to go further into your point, you should probably start a new discussion rather than taking this one off-topic.

I further made the point that command palettes are now part of many modern code editors. Anyone who’s not familiar with the basic concepts of a new software should start by reading its manual, in this case the excellent Atom Flight Manual.


Good point. Moved it to a new topic :boom: Problem solved :grinning: