Should I / Can I use jQuery on my views?


Should I / Can I use jQuery to select items and modify items on my views? If so how can I do that ?

I have found stuff regarding {$} = require(‘atom-space-pen-views’) etc … but then I have also found I should not use 'atom-space-pen-views somewhere else …

So what is an up to date view on this? On what would be your recommendations on how to do this.


Can you? Yes.

Should you? That’s a much murkier question. There is an open Issue here for choosing a view framework:

Right now, there is no recommendation. Basically, whatever works best for you :grinning: I use atom-space-pen-views in a couple of my packages. And some Atom packages still use it. So don’t feel like you shouldn’t.


Thank you! I will take a look at the package you have made with jquery and see how you use them.