Shortcuts hotkeys on custom keyboard


How use original Shortcuts on custom layout

On Sublime the Shortcuts works always original layout, bat in Atom Shortcuts dependents on layout.



If I press “ctrl + .”, Keybinding Resolver opens.

If I use standard layout, typing and Shortcuts works OK.

If I use custom layout, typing works as custom layout and Shortcuts works as custom layout. - wiki

But the last case is not useful. I want to type on custom layout, but use Shortcuts as standard Keybinding.
In general, it works in Sublime by default.


What happens when you try to use a keybinding? You can see the actual command that gets issued for each key press by opening the Keybinding Resolver (ctrl-.), then using the key combination you are interested in.


Please post screenshots of what you see with the Keybinding Resolver open and describe what you think should be happening instead. When you do, please post a new comment instead of editing the first post, since editing doesn’t bump the thread to the top of the forum.


@Nyrlyorga - Screenshot

I had some trouble with new comment, because I was a new user. Now all right.


@DamnedScholar I make video for you.
As you can see, ctrl+f, and ctrl+a works vice versa.
Can you help me, please? Or where can I go? І want to to resolve this issue.


No, I haven’t come up with any ways to make Atom use a different keyboard layout for keybindings from the one you’re typing with. You’ll have to manually change whichever keybindings you want to switch.


@DamnedScholar Can you use code of system keyboard?
not code of layout char.

In case if I manually change whichever keybindings, it will work to all layouts?

In general, it works for Sublime. Can I use the same for Atom?


I don’t have an answer for you, but I also don’t know for sure that there isn’t one.


Can you ask this question to someone experienced?


You could try the Slack channel (linked to on the homepage)


If I understand this correctly the layout you are using (dvorak?) moves keys around which also moves keyboard shortcuts around? And you want them in qwerty arrangement even when using a different layout?

This is the expected behavior of Atom. Atom honors the current layout for all keyboard shortcuts with the exception that non-latin layouts use a US layout for keyboard shortcuts. If you want a dvorak layout with qwerty keyboard shortcuts you can try using a dvorak-qwerty layout.


You could try AutoHotKey. Create a script for it that binds keys to QWERTY on Shift/Alt/Ctrl press. I’ve done this already for Colemak Mod-DH layout: here is a gist. For me it was easier to use QWERTY layout and map it to Colemak.

Also, if you use Vim mode you may encounter further problems (if you’d like to use QWERTY for commands, for example). In VS Code it’s nicely resolved through config file. In Atom’s Vim plugin it’s not as easy, though I haven’t dived into this question, so any help is welcome :wink:


Here’s how one can edit VS Code’s Vim config file (I couldn’t post a third link as I’m a new user).


@Ben3eeE yes, I use different layout, but for sublime keyboard shortcuts always by qwerty. Cat I use it for Atom?

@demicuz I use this layout. I don’t understand how to use this program AutoHotKey. I will try to use it…


You should just install AHK and launch that script. I’m sorry, but I’m currently very busy and don’t want to spend time remaking it to Dvorak.

But that won’t take much time. e::f, for example, sends f when you press e. You should change f to whatever Dvorak letter is on the place of QWERTY’s e.I think it’s k. You may need an escape character " ’ ", as in this line.


@demicuz thank you. I am busy now too. I will try later. Now I am using Sublime.