Shortcuts Backspace and Delete


how can I use both TOGETHER as an accelerator? This one is not working:

accelerator: ‘Backspace, Delete’,



Hi Sandor,

I believe your accelerator is not working because it is made up of two key codes, where it should be a modifier followed by a key code. The documentation at has the full listing of modifiers and key codes.

I tried combining two accelerators like this:

accelerator: 'Alt+Backspace,Alt+Delete'

and this:

accelerator: 'Alt+Backspace'
accelerator: 'Alt+Delete'

But with both attempts, Electron just used the second one. So it doesn’t appear that multiple accelerators for a single menu item is supported.


Hey Sean

Thanks exactly my experience! This is weird. Not only backspace and delete but also other keys have to share the same functions…

Is there a place to share this as a bug?


Sean, I think atom isusing both shortcuts and is based on electron. I am no expert, but maybe one of the expect could have a look at the source if and how atom is handling this shortcut…



EDIT: well, I had a look at the atom source. Not so easy…

The menu is referring:

{label: ‘Delete’, command: ‘core:delete’}

while in the keybindings again:

‘ctrl-h’: ‘core:backspace’
‘ctrl-d’: ‘core:delete’

so now I am confused. I wish this forum could be a bit more responsive :slight_smile: Can’t belive that it is only me fighting with this question (probably too trival for exp.users but not for dummies like me hehe…)… :slight_smile:

BTW: does one of you guys tell me if

command: ‘core:delete’

is something cson specific??