Shortcut to remove project folder?


I’m new to Atom and would like to know if there’s any shortcut I can use to remove project folder. I find it a bit tedious to right click -> remove project folder every time. If there isn’t can I create my own? Thanks


You can get a list of all keyboard shortcuts currently enabled in the application in the Settings View, Cmd+, on OS X or Ctrl+, on other platforms. They are under the Keybindings tab and are even searchable :grinning:


Thanks for your reply. But I know this, and there doesn’t seem to be any command that closes the project folder. As you can see here there is only ‘application:add-project-folder’


Hi @YoussefLr, you just need to define a keybinding for the tree-view:remove-project-folder command.

Note that all the actions available in a context menu are in fact commands, so they can also be triggered with a keybinding. The hard thing is generally to spot the origin of the command (Atom core, packages) and then find its name.


This doesn’t work for me. Possibly related to this bug?