Shortcut to enable/disable coding lines in atom

Hi Every one,
I’m pretty new with atom coding,
Does anyone know which shortcut keys that can add/remove the “#” into the first line of selection code to enable/disable the coding?

I’m coding in Window 10
Thank you!

This is the results I want:

I am not a Windows user. I suggest that sometimes it is easier to build your own custom script rather than hunting for a suitable package. In your case add/remove comments.

If I were on Windows 10 I would explore Autohotkey script running in background to use some designated hot key to insert/remove #. This is using Atom in a toolchain.

But you might be lucky and find an Atom package which does this.

[P.S.] after writing this, found this package in simple package search.

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Search the command palette for Editor: Toggle line comments. It will show the shortcut for it too (typically ctrl-/ or cmd-/).

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Thank you so much, that is what I’m looking for!