Shortcut for cycling between MacOS Sierra Tabs


Hey guys,

Is there any way to have a Shortcut for cycling between MacOS Sierra Tabs???

thanks !


This came up in another post and I poked around but it didn’t seem like it was possible:

If anyone has any more details I’d love to hear it too :v:


It kinda seemed like more of an Electron issue and I poked around a bit more and saw this comment in a VS Code (also built on Electron) issue:

So looks it’s just not possible at the moment.


Hey guys, I didn’t find a way to do it, so I did a hack with hammerspoon, basically when I press hyper + n it makes the mouse click on the desired tab.

here is the code:

-- Hack for Atom tabs...
  k:bind('', '1', function () hs.eventtap.leftClick({ ["y"] = 35.0625,["x"] = 48.95703125,}) end)
  k:bind('', '2', function () hs.eventtap.leftClick({ ["x"] = 864.07421875,["y"] = 33.81640625,} ) end)
  k:bind('', '3', function () hs.eventtap.leftClick({ ["x"] = 1610.68359375,["y"] = 33.84765625,}) end)