Shifted indentation for line wrapping


I would like the option to be able to have the text carry over with proper indentation to the next line if the text length is greater than column wrap width. Currently the text carries over flush to the margin with a dot as the line number to resemble wrapped text.

Sublime Text does this well and it’s a feature I would like to see in Atom. Is this already an option that I have missed? Or is there a package for this?


I dug around for quite a while to try to create a package to do just this, but I don’t think it’s currently possible without having more markup added. It’s currently not possible to target the wrapped text in order to indent. Even if you do artificially add indentation, it currently just adds it before the wrapping, essentially on the line before.


That is unfortunate. Maybe we can make a feature request for this in some place more specific.


Related to (dupe of?) : Indented Soft Wrap


Thanks for the link, I thought it was a duplicate … but at the time this was posted, I couldn’t find the post. Closing this topic so that we keep things tidy …

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