Shift + Enter while searching should jump back


After doing a search with Ctrl + F, I can hit Enter for the following result.

If I press Shift + Enter, I expect it to jump back to the previous result.


You can customize that if you add this to your keymap.cson file.

'.platform-darwin .editor':
  'cmd-F': 'find-and-replace:find-previous'

You can use ctrl instead of cmd if you prefer.


Hey Abe,
I miswrote the first post for some reason my brain doesn’t want to explain me.

I meant after a search (Ctrl/Cmd + F), I can iterate through the results just hitting Enter.
I caught myself typing Shift + Enter to try to get to the previous result. This one seems harder than the shortcut solution you’ve explained since it might rely on just OS specific behavior of Enter.

This seems like something I could hook with JS if I understood the ideas behind Atom right but I have no clue how to.


You could take a look at the Find and Replace package to see how it’s implemented?