Shell_NotifyIconGetRect SHELL32.dll error on Vista


Hello to all this community!

I’ve installed the Pingendo wed-editor that is based on atom/electron on Windows Vista SP2.

Because of the following error, I’ve been suggested from Pingendo staff to ask here for some hints.

The problem is that when I start it, I get an error form with this message:

Impossible to find entry point Shell_NotifyIconGetRect of the procedure in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll

Do you have any kind hint about that?

I tried to check if my SHELL32.DLL may have been substituted by some program, but on search engines I can’t find which is it the latest SHELL32.DLL available for windows Vista. My one is 6.0.6.xxxxx

Thank you for any help


Does using XP make Atom hopeless?

I am not 100% sire, but it might be that Electron is only compatible with Windows 7+


Yea, although it’s not made obvious anywhere.
I found this little comment from @paulcbetts about Electron (back then it was still named “Atom Shell”) not being supported on anything less than Win7:


Electron doesn’t work on Vista or XP, sorry


Is this still true?? Does Electron not work on Vista or XP, or has a fix been created. I am getting this similar error: Shell_NotifyIconGetRect SHELL32.dll, when attempting to run Atom.

Thanks for any news.



@HerCode This is still true and there are no plans to expand coverage for older operating systems.