Sharing the Electron core


I am putting together a suite of programs using Electron and would like to be able to only distribute a single copy of the Electron core. I have searched for a long time but so far have not found any help in doing this, is it possible? If so I would appreciate a link to a resource that would help me figure out how to do it.


There is this old discussion which I found …

i have not yet tried Carlo.


Issue #673 does not seem to come to any conclusions, other than this feature has not been implemented.

So, still looking for a solution/suggestion.


I have been hunting around and one thought I had was to look for an electron “multi-tenant” architecture to allow different apps (tenants) share common resources (much like Drupal).

The idea of one electron app acting as orchestrator of sub-apps might be feasible. But these are rough ideas.

This analogy hits the nail on the head.


Currently I have one app that presents different applications dependent upon a command argument, it looks like that is my best, least effort, approach.