Share data between ionic app and electron app


Hi !

I would like send data from mobile app (ionic) to my pc app (electron) by usb connect. I search since three days, but i don’t found …

Someone has an idea ?



Normal filesystem that will found ionics data on the mobile working as data?


Thanks for reply

Sorry, i don’t understand ‘normal filesystem’.

I would like that electron app getting the mobile data. If possible, in the ionic app, but not
necessarily. Just getting data in a file of the phone by usb.


If you can acces the files…

You would need to manualy select which disk it is each time imho, but then app could find it on the phone automatically by specified path


I can’t imagine you would done some specific app for transfering data, you woul propably need normal java and c++ for that.


Thanks !

But the problem is : how to access to file mobile form electron app by usb. I need getting data mobile from electron app.


I really have no Idea how electron could know ‘this is a phone’ when you connect it in.