ShadowDom breaks dynamic grammar


My tasks package’s theme hasn’t been working since the 166 release, but only if the shadow dom is turned on! I’m guessing it’s because my stylesheet isn’t being automatically loaded because I can’t have the "theme": "syntax" setting in my json file as mentioned in the upgrade help page. The original thread about the dynamic nature of the plugin is from here. Is there a proper way to do this now? Or a way to force the stylesheet to load into the shadow dom specifically? I can experiment with injecting a style tag, but that seems pretty hacky. Thoughts?


I suspect this change to the bracket-matcher package might hold clues to something that will work:

Besides the code itself, notice that the file name changed to include atom-text-editor. I don’t know if that is the key that makes the theme manager load that stylesheet into the Shadow DOM … but anyway. I hope this helps.


Just adding the bit about targeting ::shadow seemed to work! Feels a bit intrusive since the purpose of the shadow dom is to keep em’ separated, but in the meantime this’ll work. Thanks!