SFTP support in core packages


While I have several different ways to use SFTP/FTP/WebDav, having it baked in similar to the Sublime Text + SFTP package combo would be extremely helpful. I would much rather have this included as a core package rather than rely on a third party, especially if it is supported by GitHub.

Alternative to (S)FTP Packages / Workflows

GitHub’s not really that big on (S)FTP/WebDav … for what I hope are obvious reasons. The likelihood of a core package is pretty low, but you’re always welcome to make your own.

Unable to open sftp:// links in linux

We’re in the same boat. 90% of my work is SFTPing to a server. This is really the only feature holding me back from adopting this as my main text editor (as I currently use Coda 2).


I have almost completely moved off of SFTP, but still have uses for it, hence the request. @MattMcAlear I would highly suggest moving off of the SFTP workflow. Unfortunately there is a shortage of good tutorials on how to do this at a high level, then tutorials on how to take this lower level.


What are the obvious reasons for not wanting to edit over SFTP/DAV or other remote connections? It’s part of my daily workflow - has been for over a decade. I understand why it’s not part of the core package - it’s a plugin feature for other editors too. Now if only I could get the remote-edit package to install


While I’m on the same boat as you are. We have a testing server that we like to quickly upload using SFTP before pushing the changes using GIT, the “obvious” reasons is that Github want you to use GIT for everything. It’s their platform after all. I’m pretty sure that’s the obvious reason I’m referring to. I was actually quite disappointed that there isn’t a good SFTP client that has the stuff I need. I know it’s a tall order for it to include everything, but you know… :frowning:


Already checked the remote-edit package?


This really needs to be baked into Atom, or at the very least an OFFICIAL package. Doing web dev REQUIRES this functionality.

All the packages available that do this have some issue at some point and requires Atom to restart several times to get working without any error messages telling why.

This is 100% an Atom killing feature for me.

I am using Linux and use SSH with private key files and can easily login via the terminal without passwords. It should be very simple to create a connect and upload a file via sftp, or scp.

Sublime Text works perfectly every single time, even sublime text 3 the beta. Netbeans works perfectly. Literally everything works perfectly every time.

Any way that is my experience I hope some one hears it.