SFTP empty

Hey all,

I am a first time user of Atom, coming from Dreamweaver.

I am using remote-ftp.

I can successfully connect to my server over ftp on port 21.

When I try to connect to my server using sftp on port 22, I connect, but none of the files appear in the Remote tree, it’s just empty with the domain name at the top.

I am pretty sure I generated the private key correctly, and that all the credentials are correct.

Is there any reason why the files wouldn’t appear over port 22?

I am using an Apache server and I have WHM / CPanel installed.

The configuration file I am using is shown below.

Thanks in advance.

“protocol”: “sftp”,
“host”: “website.com.au”,
“port”: 22,
“user”: “user”,
“pass”: “”,
“promptForPass”: false,
“remote”: “/public_html/”,
“local”: “”,
“agent”: “”,
“privatekey”: “keys/key.ppk”,
“passphrase”: “password”,
“hosthash”: “”,
“ignorehost”: true,
“connTimeout”: 10000,
“keepalive”: 10000,
“keyboardInteractive”: false,
“keyboardInteractiveForPass”: false,
“remoteCommand”: “”,
“remoteShell”: “”,
“watch”: ,
“watchTimeout”: 500

I can’t think of any, no. What other packages have you tried? I use atom-commander for SFTP all the time.


Thanks for replying,

I figured out what was wrong.

sftp logs into the / directory.

ftp logs into the /home/user/ directory.

So I had to specify to log into /home/user/public_html/ for sftp, instead of just /public_html/.

Just in case anyone stumbles upon this, I noticed the problem by manually logging into sftp.

In terminal or cmd you can connect with:
sftp user@ipaddress
then enter your password.

After printing the work directory I noticed the problem

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Addendum for any readers who aren’t familiar with the commands:

The command to print the current directory on Windows: cd

The command to print the current directory on Linux/Mac: pwd