SFTP-deployment : remote deployment package available!


Hi everybody,

We have seen that lot of people need a package which allow to send files through SSH and SFTP protocol.
So we did it ! No… we try to do it !

You can get it here:

It’s only an alpha version, but we will upgrade it as fast as possible.
We would be very happy to have your opinion on it, and maybe contributors!

Hope you will love it.

Unable to open sftp:// links in linux

Great start.
The rich ftp feature was an only reason why I couldn’t switch to atom from sublime text.
Expecting Sublime SFTP for atom, thanks.


Thank you :slight_smile:

A new release is coming soon (in few days) with FTP support.


A new release with:

  • Refactoring of the code
  • Notifications/message system
  • FTP support
  • ST3 package syntax support
  • bugfix

See it there:


Sounds great.
This is a very important and nice feature from my point of view and I will try it immediately.
Many thanks and all the best of ongoing success.


Do I need a ssh_key_file or remote path?

Any way to just log-in and explore in the file tree?



Thank you ! It’s really appreciated ! :smile:


The ssh_key_file and remote_path are facultative.
The explore file tree is coming in the next releases :wink:


Okay. So I got it working. My issue was my username had a backspace I didn’t escape out of. So I’m excited to start using this app! Thanks for making it. Looking forward to the searchtree update!


A new release with:

  • Upload/Download folders from the tree view
  • Refactoring of code

See it there:


Had issues getting this to work, finally got it to work if I upload the deployment-config.json to the directory on my server… Only problem with that is (and I know its unlikley) but anyone could just enter www.address.com/deployment-config.json and pull all my ftp details?

Have I missed somethign along the way as the only way I can get it to work is by uploading that file. Without it I continuously get connection errors or other errors.