Settting styles per langague in style.less


There’s not a lot of clear instruction on how to change a single color in Atom for syntax or to overwrite your own style chagnes.

I used Atom One Dark as my syntax theme, but I need to make subtle changes for which colors are which for certain keywords. I need to know a few things that’s difficult to find correct answers for.

Do all languages share the same style.less?
If so, then how do I write a style that is language specific like shown here in this artcle:

There, he’s using .syntax--comment.syntax--line.syntax--percentage.syntax--matlab for matlab, which makes since cause he’s writing in matlab in the example. When I open the element inspector I don’t see a language specific marker like that. In fact, I see a slightly different hierachy (at least between C# and C++).

In C# I see .syntax--entity.syntax--name.syntax--type for a type and in C++ I see .syntax--support.syntax--type for a type also.

Is there not a per language convient way to say C# classes blue and all C++ classes red, for any class to be green and all string literals are yellow?

I guess with what I currently found, I could set C# types and C++ types different colors, but that first element .syntax--entity and .syntax--support could affect something I don’t want it to in another langauge I use like LUA.