Settings won't show all installed packages


Recently i’ve noticing the Settings screen just won’t show all installed packages. I have to resort to the install packages tab if I need to edit the settings of some plugins I have on my system.

Just me or anyone else seeing this?


I haven’t run into this.

  • How many packages do you have installed?
  • Is there any commonality between the packages that do not show up? (All from the same person, all dev packages, etc)
  • Is there anything different about the package.json of the packages that do not show up compared to the ones that do?


Does this happen only when you filter / search for packages? Or also if you just scroll down through the list?


At first I was under the impression this only happened when I tried to submit a search before the list was loaded. Now it happens even if I wait for it to completely load, which by the way never happens. The deprecated packages list never finishes loading.


I had a user who reported this an issue on my package that we tracked down to another package that seems to have not been updated for a while. In this case removing task-list resolved it. See this issue

Maybe this can help solve your issue?


Sadly doesn’t seem to be the case for me, at the least not from the same todo package.


Found the culprit, it was causing the problem.


Did you file or find a bug on the package documenting this behavior?


Was going to, but there is already one created.


Would you mind posting a link to it here?


Sure, here: