Settings Window on Close


So when I go to close one project window CMD+SHIFT+W I’m left with what appears to be a dual pane instance that has a single file on the right pane and blank on the left. The file open is not colored with its syntax and the window top bar says Settings - ~/workspace/project (where workspace/project is the actual PWD that was open for the project I just closed).

Has anyone else noticed this lately? My version information is below.

Atom    : 1.21.1
Electron: 1.6.15
Chrome  : 56.0.2924.87
Node    : 7.4.0


Does this happen when you have multiple windows open and close one of them, or only when you just have one project window open?


Seems to happen in both cases. Currently, I’ve got a single project open, and if I go to close that window, I’m left with the settings window still.


Now we have to wait for someone else with a Mac to tell us if that happens to them.


I’ll try it in the morning on my work machine, it’s a newer touchbar MBP but nearly identical in software and both are running High Sierra.

I’ll reply with my findings.


Sounds good. I don’t have any clue about why this might be happening, but finding out if it happens on more than one machine is the first step.

What happens when you try to close the whole application at once?


Same thing, for each window open. If a single window a single settings thing. Two if two and so on (only tried max of three).


If this behavior happens on both of your machines, then you should definitely submit an issue on GitHub. If it only happens on one of them, then you should probably submit an issue, but the first thing that the maintainers will ask is if the behavior can be replicated on a second computer. There are members of the dev team who use Mac, so if it is a general (or easily replicable) Mac issue, then it should be easy to quash.


Okay, so it does not happen on the work machine, so I have some other issue. If this keeps up through the next update, I may file an issue. Unless this is something noteworthy to submit anyway. I would hate to clog up the channels if I didn’t need to.


Good luck figuring it out.