Settings reset to default on startup


every once in a while all my setting will change back to a default state, the closest thing I could find to a “solution” is reinstalled using Brew Cask, but I don’t know what Brew Cask is and would rather not use some other software I don’t know to “fix” whats going on rather than address the actual problem. is there a way i could see a log to see what is changing my settings back to default?


Are you talking about Atom? How did you install it initially?

You should have done it using the homepage download. Using homebrew is like asking for problems, and I doubt people can help much.


i installed with the .deb package on the home page


You mean you’re on Linux? I assumed you were macOS, because of the homebrew command. Turns out there’s a Linux fork of it though.

Were you able to do it they way the flight manual says?


I just downloaded the the .deb package and installed it manually. its one of the options there