Settings Object is not kept when viewed in preferences


I am add some package settings to my config.cson, however when I open preferences and view the package, it resets it to be [object Object]. It should be smart enough to allow for objects to be put into settings (maybe I am doing it wrong). Here are my settings:

  'languages': [
          'tabLength': 4
          'showInvisibles': false
          'softWrap': false
          'showIndentGuide': false

Edit: I was able to change my package so that it was just an object, it seems it is just arrays that the settings is having problems with.


@kevinsawicki stated that they would be working on a more robust Settings View for this kind of thing:

You might still want to file a bug though with your specific issue:


It seems that covers roughly the same problem. This can be closed.

closed #4