[Settings] Add a separate section for languages


I think there should be a separate section for installing languages just like the dedicated section for installing themes. Right now language packages are mixed in with everything else.


I don’t think this will happen… I sorta like the idea, but I think the GENERAL idea of Atom is to make things agnostic in terms of modularity. If we create another section for languages, we’ll have to create arbitrary sections for other things such as “Git Tools” and “Workspace improvements” etc…

I think the separation might confuse the general intent of atom packages. :confused:


@ddavison I’m not so sure about that risk of scope creep.
I think language support might be fundamental enough to be one of three basic categories.

I would support this request and I haven’t seen anyone suggest it on the repository.
Might be worthwhile to have the devs think about it.

Could also be worthwhile for someone to write a package for it and see if it becomes popular.