Setting up Travis-CI to build themes


I’d love to be able to make Travis-CI be able to build my syntax theme called Grassy Fields.

But I don’t know how to… And there isn’t anything mentioned in the documentation about Travis…


There is information here on how to add CI support to Atom packages:


@leedohm Thanks for helping! Problem is, though, that it’s a bit outdated, since the example project that most of the links in the document lead to are not valid (project deleted?).

Here is what i’ve got when it started building:

(Just updated gist, new revision not seen here.)

And nothing was mentioned what to do when that happens, and I am new to configuring those specs.

Also, what about enviroments?


Generally, the reason why people want to build something on Travis is to run tests to ensure that nothing was broken accidentally. It is complaining that you don’t have any specs (short for “specifications”), another name for tests. If you don’t have tests, why do you need to build on Travis? (Or any other CI system.)