Setting up repositories?


I am not a programmer but I have learned enough to make basic changes in the firmware for all the normal settings for a printer.

I have been using Atom for this for the last 2 years. Atom works well for me (when I don’t mess it up) and is simple to use. I now have 2 printers and have decided to change one to a laser engraver. So far that seems to be working, but my question has to do with Atom and github.

When I downloaded the “latest” version of firmware (Marlin) I created a local repository on my hard drive. I now have 1 repository and 1 directory for the 2 devices.
How should I change the settings?
Should I have the master repository with the original firmware and two branches one each for the printer and laser?
Should the branches only have the files that are different from the master or should they all of the files?

I currently do not upload anything to github so perhaps it dose not really matter, mostly I’m just curious.



It’s up to you. If you think that you might want to make similar changes to both repositories, update them simultaneously, or merge changes from one to another, then having them as branches of the same repo can be useful. If they’re very different projects and you’re going to manage them separately, don’t bother with branches.


Thank you

What you say makes since to me.
I think that they are just different enough to keep them separated.
thanks again.