Setting up project interpreter for python?


How we set atom to use specific python virtual environment with the all packages installed available in that project ?



Atom doesn’t support executing code out of the box. See the FAQ:

You would have to install a package to run Python scripts. When you decide what package to use, the method of specifying which Python virtual environment would be dependent on which package you chose.



No I don’t want to run python scripts in atom. But if it is possible to give path for virtual environment python that would be good or build directory



I guess I don’t understand what you mean by “give path for virtual environment python” or “build directory” then. Can you say what you’re trying to do with that information?



I mean that I have created a virtual environment in python , installed some packages in that. While I work in that environment, I want that python executable available in atom, so that I have all dependency and auto complete for packages installed.

Example : if I create and install flask in that. I want auto complete should identify that flask package is installed and I should be able to use that.