Setting up atom for Data Science in Python


Hi all, I am quite new to the atom platform and need help with setting up a python data science package. Thanks


Do you have a package in mind?

What you’ve offered so far is quite vague, so I can’t make any specific recommendations. What features do you want to help with your data science efforts?


As @DamnedScholar said, the question is a bit vague.

It happens that I use Atom for data science project (although, gotta be honest, there’s no way I’ll leave Emacs), and what I have installed is:

  • Hydrogen, for executing Python within Atom (you still need Jupyter for this)
  • language-ini, as I often keep project configurations in a .ini file
  • tablr, when I need to take a look at csv or dat files without loosing my mind
  • script, it can always be useful

Anyway, Atom is not my default data science platform, so I’m quite sure there are a lot of other packages I’m missing that can be useful. And, of course, it all depends on what you need to do.

Happy science!