Setting up Atom for Blender add-on developement



I’ve recently discovered Atom and would like to use it as my IDE to write some python-code for Blender.
To do that effieciently it would be nice to encorporate autocompletion and linting for my python-code and the third-party-modules I am using (mostly Blenders module).
My virtual environment is Python 3.6.6, the modules I want to use are properly installed via PIP and added to my PYTHONPATH (as site-packages).
Does anyone know how to setup Atom in order to get autocompletion, linting etc. working?

Best regards!


Have you taken a look at the packages autocomplete-python, magicpython, and ide-python?


Thanks for the hint!

I’ve been able to get decent linting and autocompletion using autocomplete-python. I tried the ide-python module as well but could not get it to work.
Btw. magicpython (as helpful as it is) seems to be just a highlighting tool. So of course it did not solve the initial problem.


magicpython also has a bunch of snippets that can be useful.