Setting up Atom for a project


Hey guys,

I love using Atom and up til now I’ve been using it for the odd one-pager jobs, like HTML emails or SQL statements that only require one folder.

However, I now need to set up a full-scale website. I opened up Atom, went to open a folder and then went to open another one so they’re under each other




but to my dismay it opens them both in two seperate windows! So I searched for a package to help me out and unfortunately it still doesn’t like that… does anyone know how I can add multiple folders to one project set up?


Saving projects

Multiple folders in a project is planned for 1.0:

You can track the issue here


danke laddy :slight_smile: I shall track it and wait in anticipation! haha as soon as that’s possible I can uninstall Sublime haha


Try the project manager plugin:


I did and still had the same problem :confused:


I may be misunderstanding your request, but is it possible to simply move both folders into a single parent folder and track that folder as your Atom “project?”


Good Suggestion! :smiley: but unfortunatly, I have multiple projects which I keep on Barracuda’s Copy and within that will be a folder for each project and then a SECURE folder with folders for that project.