Setting the title of an unsaved editor tab



Sublime Text 2 sets the names of unsaved editor tabs to the contents of the first line (instead of naming them “untitled”), which I find very helpful for temporary editors.

The code suggests that this is currently not possible with ATOM, but it would be very nice to have this feature.

Cheers, Joe


I’d also like to see this feature from Sublime very much!


This holds me back from switching from Sublime. I use it for taking notes as a text editor a lot, and having a bunch of unsaved “untitled” tabs is unintuitive for me.


This is something I want too. One of the best features of Sublime, would be great to have it in atom.


This would be a quick fix. One line in and one config setting to turn it on or off.


Thanx. I found a plugin (tab-title), that provides this functionality.