Setting reset to default on startup [SOLVED]


my key bindings as well as any installed packages/themes are still installed but each time I close and reopen atom all my editor settings reset to the default

I’ve gotta be doing something wrong here.


Do you have permissions to write to the ~/.atom directory?


Yeah I do.
drwxr-xr-x 12 ginfuru staff 408 nov 4 16:56 .atom


This doesn’t really make much sense to me but:

  1. uninstalled Atom and reinstall - Same result
  2. uninstalled Atom and reinstalled using Brew Cask - fixed issue(s)



It may be a stupid question, but where can i find this directory ?


~ is a common Unix notation for the home directory. If you’re using Windows then that will typically be your C:\Users\YourUsername directory.


Nice thanks, I saw this notation for the first time.It could be because this ist the first day im using Atom.
Anyway, I’m grateful for your rapid answer !